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Metals Polishing & Finishing

ACS, in partnership with its sister company Diamond Brite Metals, offers a full-service line of metals polishing and finishing. ACS can either pre-polish sheet and plate to be waterjet cut or can polish post-waterjet cutting. All polishing work is done in-house to ensure quality and to reduce lead times. 

ACS offers the following finishes:

  • #3-#4 satin finish

  • #6 satin finish

  • #8 mirror finish

  • Non-Directional (angel hair or vibration finish)

  • Longitudinal finish

  • RA Finishes from 32 RA to 2 RA

Our Capabilities Include:

  1. Waterjet cutting with a CNC controlled, ESAB dual head gantry with a  12’ x 12’ work envelope. 

  2. Cutting-Edge waterjet software allowing for optimal cutting and nesting to help deliver quality, cost-effective product.

  3. In-house design team including an on staff graphic designer to help formulate and design projects.

  4. Turnkey Projects

  5. Value-Added Services

Please contact to submit an inquiry.

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