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Tig Welding, Fabrication, and Refinishing

ACS provides its customers with turnkey solutions for specialized fabrications. ACS has an onsite tig welding machine and a certified welder on staff to ensure your projects fabricated to the highest standards. Our in-house designer works in conjunction with our certified welder to take your project from design through fabrication. 

ACS also offers refinishing on fabricated products including touching up weld joints or blending fabrication marks into existing finishes. This helps eliminate costly touch-up work at a customer’s shop or in the field. 

Our Capabilities Include:

  1. Waterjet cutting with a CNC controlled, ESAB dual head gantry with a  12’ x 12’ work envelope. 

  2. Cutting-Edge waterjet software allowing for optimal cutting and nesting to help deliver quality, cost-effective product.

  3. In-house design team including an on staff graphic designer to help formulate and design projects.

  4. Turnkey Projects

  5. Value-Added Services

Please contact to submit an inquiry.

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